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27 November 2010 Weekend Roundup


Lost somewhere in the depths of my computer, I apologize that this is late!

Always making me think, Jeff Rose at Soldier of Finance does the math on delaying your retirement savings, and it is really depressing.  Or exciting, depending on which side of the math you are.  In his post, Procrastinating Six Months Will Only Cost You $100,000, Jeff talks about the long-term economic impact of waiting just six months to start saving for retirement.

This Year I am Thankful for My Job at Hope to Prosper is a great reminder that being employed is a blessing.  I feel doubly blessed that while military life has its challenges, it offers security, a place to live, and well-priced medical care.

The amazingly named Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket has a really hardcore article on cutting your grocery bill:  Food Stamp Challenge Cheats:  Eating on $30/Week.  There is no way I will ever reach anywhere near that level of frugal, but I'm always open to more inspiration!

The Paycheck Chronicles post That Mortgage Isn't Going To Save Your Taxes was a highlighted inclusion in the Carnival of Personal Finance hosted by Daniel at Sweating The Big Stuff.

What Is Income Tax Withholding And Why You Want To Get It Right was selected for the Festival of Frugality hosted at Squirrelers.

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