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Don't Forget the APO/FPO Supplies and Discounts


It is that season again - extra boxes going to APO/FPO addresses.  What's the best way to save on shipping?  There are two ways to approach it.  If the item is light but big, use a regular box and choose the best mail service.  Heavier items do better in a flat rate Priority Mail box.  The USPS offers a $2 discount on the 12"X12"X5 1/2" large flat rate box when it is going to an APO/FPO address, so it is $12.50 instead of $14.50.

These boxes can be obtained at your local post office or you can order them to be delivered to your home in packages of 10 or 25.  And they’re free, even the delivery! You can order at the USPS website, or by calling 1–800-610‑8734, then selecting option 1.  At the same telephone number, you can also order a free kit of packing materials, including priority mail boxes, tape, and labels.  I think it is called the APO/FPO pack, but I didn't have to be specific when I called - the representative knew exactly what I meant.

Don't forget to mail your holiday packages by December 10th (December 4th for zip codes that start with 093.)

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