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13 November 2010 Weekend Roundup


Okay, I give up.  I'm not calling it the Saturday Roundup anymore, because I'm not doing a very good job of getting them out on Saturdays.  It is going to be the Weekend Roundup now.

I found so much good stuff this week, I could hardly choose:

Over at Currency, the new American Express website, Darwin from Darwin's Money writes a great introduction to mortgages in Choosing Your Mortgage Options:  The Basics.

Doug Warshauer writes at Free From BrokeAn Against the Grain Approach to Prioritizing Your Savings.  I think Doug is on to something important here - where do you fall on this issue?

Always useful, Michelle at Northern Cheapskate writes useful stuff in Strategies for Eating Dinner at Home.  Love dinner at home!

On the same note, 6 Ways to Stretch a Meal at Live Real, Now gives great ideas for making the most of your food and using leftovers.  I sort of use most of these ideas, but I'm going to try to stretch it even further now.  I especially like the rice idea - I think you can add rice to just about anything and I intend to start trying.

An interesting article on a new twist on credit scores:  Are You Ready for the Credit Bureaus to Estimate Your Income? at Personal Dividends.  I'm not sure if this is good or bad, but I am super curious to learn how they calculate this "estimated income."  The math fascinates me.

The Paycheck Chronicle's Saving With Smarty Pig was included in the 254th Festival of Frugality hosted by Generation X Finance.

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