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Commissary Remote Location Sales


Oops...I failed to get the Commissary's October remote location sales listed before October began.  If you click on the link, it will take you to the website of the hosting commissary.  Please call and check with them for locations and times.  Double check the times - I went today to our local case lot sale only to discover that it was closed before I got there.  What a waste of fuel!  Here's what we have for the rest of the month:

October 8:   Petaluma, California

October 8-9:  Scottsbluff, Nebraska

October 8-10:  Portland, Oregon

October 12-15:  Miami, Florida

October 15:  Alameda, California

October 15-16:  Walla Walla, Washington

October 15-17:  Wailuku, Hawaii

October 16:  Topeka, Kansas

October 23:  San Pedro, California

October 23-24:  Mobile, Alabama

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