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2 October 2010 Saturday Roundup


From my good friends at USAA, a fascinating article 6 Big Hits to Your Credit Score, with actual numbers of how certain behaviors might affect your score.  I found this very interesting and it makes me even more determined to never accidentally have a late payment.

Next, from Money Crashers, Hank Coleman talks about the difference between Cash Value and Replacement Cost insurance.  There is a huge difference between these two things and it is important that everyone understands the difference.

At Remodeling this Life, 31 Days of Living Simply began on October 1st.  Like one of the commenters, I love this sentence:  "I am going to focus on giving dollars, minutes and space each a job."  So simple, yet so profound.

It seems like ages until prom season will be upon us, but I am sure that there are crazy high schoolers who are already thinking about their plans for prom.  You might want to share Enjoying Your Prom on a Budget with your teens.  I'd be curious to hear their reactions.  Best to plant the idea of a frugal prom well before they start planning to rent a helicopter.  (Don't laugh, I thought that would be an excellent way to get to prom!)

Hope everyone has a great week, that my East Coast readers aren't up to their basement windows in water, and that autumn is beautiful where you are.

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