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Job Training for Vets Ages 20-24

The US Department of Labor has just announced a new job training program for veterans aged 20-24.  It is called VETS, which stands for Veterans' Employment and Training Service.  It sounds pretty exciting, and spaces are limited because this is a pilot project.  From the website,

"This is a fully-funded, all-expense-paid demonstration project that is free for the Veterans. The program includes transportation to and from the Job Corps center, housing, meals, basic medical services, academic and career technical training, bi-weekly living allowance, and job placement and post-graduation support."

This new program is a specialized version of the Job Corps program, designed to help veterans transition to the civilian community with job training, career counseling and peer support.

This is a great opportunity for young veterans to learn valuable skills while making the move back to the civilian workforce.  If you know someone who might be eligible, please encourage them to look into this program.  More information can be found at the Department of Labor's VETS/Job Corps website.  Let's spread the word!

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