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What Do You Tip The Baggers?


There was so much great conversation at the recent post about tipping the movers that I thought I would ask the other military tipping question:  How much do you tip the baggers at the Commissary?

I wrote about this over at SpouseBUZZ a few years back, and I couldn't believe how many comments I received.  It was a pretty short piece, so I can put the main part post here.  For the comments, however, you'll need to click over to see them.

Those of you who don't frequent the commissary probably don't wonder about this much.  I shop nearly every day.  Because there are six of us, and because our kitchen has about 4 cupboards, and because we live one block from the commissary.  I take my wagon and call it exercise.  I'm pretty happy with this.

However, it is getting a little expensive, this tipping the baggers every darn day.  I was talking to my neighbor about this, and mentioned that I feel like I should tip at least a dollar, even when I've picked up $8 worth of groceries, and it is one bag.  She said that she usually tips $1 per bag - I about fell over.  Either I'm a tremendous cheapskate or she's been drinking too much of the commissary free coffee.  At our previous home, I went to the commissary once every two weeks and spent a couple of hundred dollars - at least two carts worth.  I'd be tipping at least $20 bucks at her rate.

So, how much do you tip?  I'm hoping to learn a lot.

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