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Mission May: The Final Numbers

Well, May is gone and I'm still trying to reach my $1000 goal.  I've made some money, cleared out some things, and learned a lot.

The two major things that happened at the end of the month were also the two things that made the most money.  First, I took 15 minutes one day and listed 7 things on eBay.  They had a deal where there was no listing fees so it didn't cost anything.  I made $40.00 and got rid of several unwanted items.

Then we decided to have a last-minute yard sale on Memorial Day weekend.  I usually hate to have yard sales because it seems like a lot of work and we rarely make more than $40 or $50 dollars.  This time was a little better - all the kids pitched in to make it easier, and we made about $130!

I still have lots of clothes at the consignment shop and I'm not sure what might have sold, so I'm not going to count that money right now.

Still remaining is a huge tub of consignment, plus all the electrical things that we'll sell just before we leave:  microwave, toaster oven, washer and dryer, etc.  Plus two cars!

Altogether, I earned $370.00 in towards my $1000 goal for May.  If you were participating, how did you do?

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