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Home Depot Military Discount

Reader Feedback Requested:  Lowe's and Home Depot Military Discount and Veteran's Discount

UPDATED 5 MAY 2011:  The discount has not changed.

UPDATED 15 August 2010:  Home Depot has provided us with their official answer on the military discount questions:  Home Depot Military Discount:  Official, Updated Information.

As we know, Lowe's recently announced that it would offer a military discount all year round.  I had heard a few people say that their Home Depot offered military discounts as well, but I haven't see that officially announced anywhere.  My friend Ryan at the Military Finance Network talked about it back in March, but he doesn't have links to support it.

I was at Home Depot yesterday and on a whim, I asked for the military discount.  The cashier gave it to me without even asking for me for ID, and I saved a whopping $2.00.

It never hurts to ask.

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