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From the Mouth of Secretary Gates: MyCAA News


On May 8th, Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates spoke at a Town Hall meeting at Fort Riley, Kansas.  The official transcript from that meeting can be found at the News Transcript of the event.

The first question asked of Secretary Gates was about the MyCAA situation.  He talks a bit about the success of the program, then states:

"So we've been looking at the program.  And I would tell you that I'm going to have a couple more meetings on it this week, this coming week.  But within the next week or two, I expect we will be able to reopen the program to new applicants.  And we are looking at a budget somewhere on the order of $500 million to -- and we're going -- we're going to have to do some things in terms of some caps and some limits, to be able to help as many people as possible.  But I expect within the next two weeks we'll reopen the program, with a substantial increase in the funding."

This is definitely the closest thing to a real answer about a restart that I have heard yet. I will be sure to look for a new announcement every day, and let you know as soon as I hear something.

Good news!

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