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2010 Military Spouse Intern Program


Are you a military spouse looking for a federal job?  There is a neat new program that might help you get that job, and offer great benefits to your new employer as well.  

First, the military spouse identifies suitable jobs on the website.  The job must be a permanent position that provides training and career progression.  When applying for a job, state in your cover letter or application that you are a military spouse of an active duty service member who may be eligible for the Military Spouse Internship Program.  The spouse must meet all eligibility requirements established by the hiring agency.

Once an offer is made, the Department of Defense will reimburse Federal agencies for first year salary, benefits, and training costs.  The military spouse internship differs from other Federal internship programs. It is open to military spouses at all levels of their career progression, from those with no prior federal experience to those with a career status.

The 2010 Military Spouse Intern Program is open to all spouses of active duty service members, except those who are legally separated from the service member when the person begins the internship, a spouse who is also a member of the Armed Forces on active duty, or a spouse who is a retired member of the Armed Forces.

You can find more information or search for jobs through the Department of Defense's Military Spouses Internship Program website.  Links to search for jobs or FAQs are located on the left hand side of the page.  Very exciting!

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