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Are you a coupon cutter, or have you seen those amazing people who save tons of money with coupons?  Clipping coupons can help a family stretch their grocery money, and combined with commissary prices, it can be even better.

What about military families who are overseas?  The commissaries still accept coupons, but you can't get the local newspaper delivered to your front porch.  Thankfully, a wonderful volunteer group called Overseas Coupon Program helps to put unwanted coupons together with overseas military folks.  This small, home-based group provides addresses for coupon donations and gives tips for cutting, organizing and mailing.

Best of all, overseas commissaries are able to accept coupons up to six months after their expiration date!

You can contribute to this worthy cause regardless of whether or not you like to use coupons yourself.  It is also a great project for a community group to work on together.  You can be sure that the recipients will appreciate your efforts.

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