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Using the GI Bill has always had its challenges: understanding all the various rules and limitations is hard. With the new Post 9/11 GI Bill, the rules have changed again and there is more to learn. At the Education Blog, author Terry Howell chronicles his own experiences in The Fog of Policy - In the Crossfire of GI Bill Regs.  Not only a useful article, but many of the comments are quite valuable as well.  In addition, Assistant Secretary of Veteran's Affairs Tammy Duckworth is also starting down the GI Bill path and writing about her experiences here at

Based upon outside media reports, there have been significant improvements in the GI bill payment system since last fall's nightmare, but lots of people are still working through the repayment of the emergency advances from last fall.

I was hoping that this situation would be fixed by now, but clearly not.  I know I'm not the only person feeling discouraged by the VA's lack of ability to get things right.  Let's hope it will continue to improve.

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