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Clutter Can Be Cash


In preparation for our move this summer, we have got to get rid of some of this stuff!  I've decided to take the last two weeks of February and attempt to sell or donate every single non-productive thing in this house.  There is quite a lot so it should be quite an adventure.  I can't decide how to gauge success - pounds or dollars?  Let's face it, the important part is getting this stuff out of my house.  Some extra cash would be a nice bonus, of course, but it isn't the important part.

Where to begin?  The obvious suggestions are Ebay, for smaller things, or Craigslist, for larger items.  I'm going to take a day to go through the house, with the husband, and make sure that we are in agreement on the items that should stay or go.  (Wish us luck with that.) I'm a little stressed about listing things, and then shipping or arranging for pickup.  Our schedule is full already - is this going to push me over the edge?

I know lots of people who have successful yard sales, but that has never worked well for us.  If we could make a little money, I would gladly have a yard sale, but it isn't worth a weeks' work to make $43.  I can make the same $43 by doing some serious couponing, and it will take a lot less than a week of effort.  Heck, I could get a job at 7-11 and make more per hour.

We do have a furniture consignment shop, but they aren't taking most of the big items that we have (an entertainment center, a piano.)  It is possible that some of the smaller things may go there but frankly, our stuff isn't that nice.

If you have suggestions for clearing out this clutter and possibly making a little money, I would really appreciate hearing them.  And I'll let you know how the experience goes.

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