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Two Scholarship Deadlines Soon!


Two military child scholarships have application deadlines next week.  If you have college-bound students, make sure they take the time this weekend to fill out these applications - every dollar helps when trying to cover college costs.

First, the Military Commanders' Scholarship Fund applications must be postmarked by Tuesday, February 16th.   The website states that it must be postmarked by Monday, February 15th.  That is a federal holiday and there is no mail service.  I have verified with the administrator that it must be postmarked by Tuesday, February 16th.  The Military Commanders' Scholarship Fund was established by the New York Chapter of the American Logistics Association for children of eligible active duty, reserve, National Guard, and retired service members.  It is a one-time, $5,000 scholarship available for the first year of undergraduate study only.  Applicants must be a valid ID holder and have a minimum GPA of 3.5 (on a 4.0 scale.)

Second, the Defense Commissary Agency's Scholarships for Military Children applications must be submitted by Wednesday, February 17th.  Applications must be submitted to your nearest commissary, either in person or via some sort of delivery (mail, FedEx, etc.)  The scholarship is available to the children of active duty, guard, reserve and retired members, and also the survivors of the same.  A minimum of one $1500 scholarship will be awarded at each commissary that has an eligible applicant.  This is a huge program that awards nearly one million dollars worth of scholarships each year.

I would be so delighted to hear if any of my readers win any of these scholarships.  Good luck, everyone!

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