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Sometimes I am amazed at the number of deals available to military families.  My email today included the MWR newsletter from one of the military installations in the Washington, DC area.  I clicked through and found this great list of current promotions being offered through the Information, Tickets & Travel (ITT) offices in the DC area.  This got me thinking - surely there are great deals available all over the country (and world.)

For information on Navy MWR ITT office, you can look at this list of locations and then click through to their individual websites.  They don't all have websites listed, but if you know of an office, you can do an internet search and hopefully find the right site.  (For example, there is no link listed for the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, but if you do an internet search you can find the MWR page which has some information.)

Since I speak purple, I did a bit of looking and found the similar sites for other service branches.  Army MWR has an Off Duty Travel page that lists locations of offices and lots of good deals.  I searched through to see how much information I could find.  It required a little bit of searching, but by selecting a base (I tried Fort Hood), then clicking on Recreation (and selecting Information, Ticketing & Registration), I was able to get to the ticketing page.  There is a drop-down box on the upper right hand corner that says, "Ticket Pricelist."  That is what I was searching for, and I discovered that I could get discounted tickets on all sorts of good stuff, including the Space Center in Houston ($6.50 discount).  It took a little effort, but the information was out there.

The Marine Corps has a long list of ITT offices, and many of them have websites.  I found this excellent PDF of the tickets available at Camp Pendleton - it lists tickets from all over the country and it seems pretty darn comprehensive.

The Air Force - I just don't know.  I've spent a good chunk of today looking for some comprehensive information and I just can't find it.  If you have a link, or a suggestion, I would love to hear it.

Anyway, that's my thought for today.  Check out your local ticket office on base and see what they have to offer.

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