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My First Payment from the CAA


I've registered for classes next semester, and submitted the info to the Career Advancement Account.  My plan was quickly approved and I was wondering when the financial aid would hit my account at the college.  I had to put down a payment on each semester (winter short-term and spring regular term) and was hoping to get my refund in time to pay for books

.After my financial aid was approved, the website generated a two-page letter that I presented to the cashier's office at my school.  That was supposed to keep me enrolled without making any more payments.  At the time, the person at the cashier's office said that most third-party payments aren't made until after the drop-add period is ended.  I guess I can see why that would be but it made me really uncomfortable.

It seems that the CAA payments are a little more timely than most - the money was paid to my account last week.  I got an email today saying that my credit card would be refunded the amounts that I'd already paid.  I am really impressed and excited!

If you haven't heard about the Career Advancement Accounts yet, definitely start looking into it.  I don't think it is too late for spring semester, though it is probably cutting it close.  This is a spectacularly good deal for military spouses and I though I don't know of any plans to end it, it makes me nervous to think of putting school off and then the program being changed.  If you can find a way, this is the right time to go to school.

17 February 2010 Update:  This program has been temporarily halted.  You can find the most current MyCAA information at The Paycheck Chronicles MyCAA page.

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