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Slim-Fast Recall

Any chance you have a can of Slim-Fast in your house?  Unilever is recalling ALL 11 ounce cans of Slim-Fast ready-to-drink shakes.  There is a possibility of contamination with a micro-organism called Bacillus cereus.  The press release instructs you to call 1-800-896-9479, however, if you call that number, it will direct you to call 800-754-6327.  After the message, you will be instructed to press one and enter your complete name and address, plus the number of cans you are discarding.  I'm guessing that they intend to send checks since they are offering a refund and it is not being done through the store.

The most important part is that you throw out the stuff being recalled, and if you are diligent and provide them with your info, you will hopefully get your refund as well,

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