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It is a refrain that is repeated regularly in the military - go to JAG, write a will, get your powers of attorney.  I tend to think that we are pretty organized, right until I realized that we're not.

Today is a good example.  I'm leaving my kids for a few days, and I pulled out the power of attorney that gives my mother permission to obtain medical care for them.  I found it without difficulty, right where it belonged, but then I noticed that it was expired.  Quite a few months ago.  Two trips ago.  Hmmm.I was able to get a new one done quite quickly, but not without a lot of stress.  I thought it was going to cost me some money, as well, but I couldn't find a notary in my town that would do it for a fee.  (All the banks required that I be an account holder.)  I had to drive to the nearest Navy Federal to use their free services.

On a more serious note, a friend of a friend recently lost her husband unexpectedly.  He did not have a will and the estate laws in their state are quite restrictive.  She is suffering a lot of stress because they did not have things organized to give her temporary access to money while the estate is being sorted out.

Two small reminders that there is a good reason that we're always being reminded to take care of our legal business.

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