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I'm going overseas this week, and it has been a really, really long time since I've done this.  So long that I don't even remember how to get the right money.  So I've been looking into my choices.  It seems that the best plan is to use the ATM once I get there, but I'm not terribly comfortable landing in a strange place without any of the local currency.  I've scrounged around the house and found a small handful of Euros, perhaps enough to make a telephone call or even to get a drink somewhere.

There seem to be three basic choices:  getting the money in the states before I go, using an airport kiosk, using the ATM.  Most lists also include travelers checks, but they seem to be accepted fewer and fewer places every year, and there can be a hefty charge for cashing them in for cash.  Since this is sort of a last minute trip, I never organized getting the Euros here.  I've used ATMs overseas before and NFCU seems to give quite reasonable exchange rates without outrageous fees.  I will also be carrying a small supply of US dollars as I've heard they are often accepted in a pinch.

Any last minute suggestions?  I'll let you know what I learn!

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