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Triple A? What do you think?


Due to an unusual series of events, I've been rethinking my decision not to join AAA (aka Triple A, formerly titled the Automobile Association of America.)  For the purposes of my life, I've never thought to need AAA.  I have towing and roadside assistance through USAA, and when travelling, military rates are usually as good as AAA rates.  Right?

In the last few days, I've been rethinking my decision.  It seems I will be making a short-notice trip to Europe next week, and some of the services offered by AAA seem pretty good.  They offer currency conversion, at good rates, plus they might be able to quickly notarize some documents for me before I go.  If they offer advice on getting from the airport to the train station, I would be so grateful!

I'm curious - do you have AAA?  What level of membership do you have?  Have you found it useful?  Are there other services that work as well at less expense?  I'd love to hear your experiences.

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