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June Saves on Groceries


June, of USAA and Ask June fame, give the following advice today on Twitter: 

Friday can begood grocery day cause shipments arrive for wknd. Prime tenderloinslashed $9/lb cause another pallet just arrived. Yes!

My kids know that we shop the dent-and-damage at the commissary, and we always look for marked down meat at the regular grocery stores.  I hadn't though about there being a weekly pattern - I bet if you watch (or ask) you can figure it out.  Some stores will mark down fancy cheeses when they are within a few days of their sell-by date, or deli items like cooked chicken or potato salad if they have too much for that one day.  Also, check to see if your store offers discounted vegetables if they are less than perfect.

Please share your secrets for finding clearance food products.

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