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Activity Grants for Kids of Deployed Guard and Reserve Members


Are you or your spouse a deployed National Guard or Reserve person?  Activating can be hard on a family's budget, and families waiting at home may need a little extra distraction.  And, not always being near a military base, National Guard and reserve families often don't have access to the affordable on-base programs.  Well, I have a great program to tell you about, one that might help you fund a little extra fun for your National Guard or reserve child.

A group called Our Military Kids provides grants for children ages 3 to 12th grade to participate in sports, cultural arts, tutoring, and other similar programs.  Application is easy!  You can download the application form, fill it out, and send it in with the necessary other information (copy of birth certificate or ID card, program information and deployment orders.)  There is a $500 limit per grant, but grants are available for each child in the family, and a child may receive two grants during a single deployment if the deployment is over 365 days long and other criteria are met.

Here are the eligibility requirements:

  • The National Guard/Reserve service member must be deployed overseas (OCONUS);
  • The deployment must be at least 180 days (or 120 days for Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve);
  • There must be at least 60 days remaining on the orders at the time of application (or 30 days for the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve);
  • The child must be at least 5 years old, but not older than a senior in high school (children become ineligible once they have graduated high school);
  • The child must be a dependent of the service member.
This is a remarkable program that can really help your family cope with deployment by providing quality activities without adding extra expenses.  Thanks, Our Military Kids, for your support of the National Guard and Reserves. Show Full Article

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