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Coke Rewards: Worth Your Time?


Have you heard about these Coke Points?  If you drink any Coca-Cola products, including Powerade sports drinks and Dasani bottled water, you've probably noticed the codes inside the caps or boxes.  The Coke Rewards program is set up to let you enter your codes into an online account and then redeem them in various ways.  You can use a small number of points to enter a sweepstakes, or accumulate a bunch to get free stuff

.A bottle of coke is 3 points, a 12 pack of cans is 10 points, and a case is 20 points.  You may enter only 120 points worth of codes per week.  Entering the codes is pretty quick, about 30 seconds per code if you are a decent typist.

Once you've entered your codes, you have six ways to spend your credits.  You may redeem them for merchandise, use them to enter contests, donate them to a school, donate them to another type of charity, participate in an instant win game, or use points to pay for a portion of a purchase that uses cash for the rest of the purchase.  The merchandise selection is small and much of it is Coke related:  tees, cooler bags and ball caps.  Other offerings include various magazine subscriptions (my favorite) and a few useful gift cards.  There are some decent offerings but you really have to pick through the useless stuff.  I'll admit, I've never done anything but get magazine subscriptions (they have Smart Money!) so I can't report my experiences with the rest of the choices.  I'm considering getting the Omaha Steaks gift cards to use at the local store, or perhaps a Nike gift card to pick up some new workout gear.

Is it worth it?  I wouldn't start drinking soda just to collect the points, but it you (or someone in your family) is drinking it anyway, you might want to start saving those points.  If you have a child who is capable of entering the codes, even better.  It does take a little time to enter the codes, and more time to sort through the rewards to find a good choice.   Most importantly, it is free!

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