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Another Amazing Benefit from USAA


Just when I thought that USAA couldn't think of any more ways to support their members, they came up with a new one.  USAA is reimbursing the overseas transaction fee for deployed military members who use their USAA credit cards while they are overseas.

From the press release:

Deployed Servicemembers to Save Money on Credit, Debit Purchases OverseasUSAA bucks industry trend, refuses to pass costs on to military membersSAN ANTONIO, Texas - USAA military members deployed overseas will be reimbursed a foreign transaction fee for MasterCard and Visa credit or debit card purchases made overseas. While MasterCard and Visa will continue to charge USAA these fees, USAA will not pass on the costs to its deployed members. The new benefit applies to USAA members for up to 12 months from when they notify USAA in advance of deployment to an overseas location. It is in addition to the many products and services USAA provides its members that demonstrate their commitment to serving those who serve our nation."Waiving these fees for our service men and women deployed abroad is clearly the right thing to do," said USAA Bank President David Bohne. "Those on duty around the world, already sacrificing time away from family, friends and the comforts of home, should know that they won't be further burdened for serving their country when it takes them overseas."USAA constantly looks for solutions to help address the unique financial needs of its mobile membership--especially when they're deployed. Visit USAA / Deployed Member Benefitsto learn more about the special auto, homeowners and life insurance, investment, and banking benefits USAA offers to support deployed members and their families.

What an amazing way to support the troops.

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