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I was over at USAA's new online community, What's On Your Mind, and I noticed an excellent reminder about washing machine hoses.  You know, the plastic or metal hoses that get the water to and from your washing machine?  Did you know that they don't last forever?  My godfather learned the hard way when his 2nd story laundry room flooded due to a broken hose.  In the 10 or so hours before he got home, the water soaked pretty much his entire house, and he had to move out for months while they rebuilt everything.  Shazaam!  Fortunately, most broken water hose stories aren't quite that exciting, but the average damage from a broken hose is around $6,000.  Ouch!

New hoses cost less than $10 for plastic and a little more for metal.  I try to replace them every PCS - it's just easy for me to remember that way.  When was the last time you replaced yours?

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