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You've probably heard about USAA, and you may use them for your insurance.  Lots of military families have also started using USAA for their banking needs.  You may be saying, "But USAA doesn't have any branches!  What a pain."

I admit, I still don't use USAA for my primary banking, but I do have both a checking and savings account with them.  At various times, I've thought about moving all our accounts there, and it may still happen.  If you are considering USAA Federal Savings Bank, you will definitely want to check out this link from David Bohne, President of the bank:  A Bank You Can Count On.

I am a huge fan of USAA, as I'm sure you've noticed, and I feel confident that their banki is the right choice for many people.  If you are searching for a new bank, click on over to USAA and see if their products are right for you.

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PayCheck Chronicles