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Mother's Day Frugal Five: The Local Edition


Being near your family brings different opportunities (and challenges, as well).  Fortunately, being close presents lots of opportunities for thoughtful and frugal Mother's Day celebrations.

  1. Picnic:  Mother's Day often brings great weather.  Invite your Mom for a picnic at a local park or even in the living room.  You can get take out from the grocery store or make it yourself (if you have the facilities.)  It doesn't have to be complicated to be great.
  2. Plants:  Live plants look great and last longer than cut flowers.  If you can, work it out so that you can plant them (with or without your mom) as part of the gift.  One of my most successful Mother's Day presents was the year I noticed that my mom hadn't yet put out her usual impatients in the spring.  I bought a flat, planted them, and she thanked me all summer!
  3. Helping out:  Depending on your relationship, you might be able to help your Mom by taking care of some things on her "to do" list, or working with your siblings to accomplish a large project, such as landscaping or painting.
  4. The gift of time:  When was the last time you spent a chunk of your day alone with your Mom?  What sort of stuff would she like to do?  Movies, flower gardens, shopping or even playing bingo can be a great way to show Mom that you care.
  5. Clean her car.  Think I'm kidding?  No way - who doesn't like to have a clean car?  Put air in the tires, wash the windows, and fill up the tank for an extra bonus.
Of course, people who are nearby can still take advantage of the ideas in yesterday's post, Mother's Day Frugal Five:  The Remote Edition.  Be sure to add your great ideas in the comments.
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