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Deadline Soon! Military Spouse Career Advancement Account


The Military Spouse Career Advancement Account is a Department of Defense initiative to help military spouses (including activated Guard and Reserve spouse) prepare for portable careers.

There is a lot of information and it isn't all easy to understand.  Basically, the program was tested in many locations last year and is expanding to the rest of the DOD.  I'm having trouble finding exact dates, but I have seen it published that applicants should do the preliminary registration by the first week in May.  In order to register, go to MyCAA Homepage and click on the Create An Account link.  The registration process is pretty easy and doesn't require you to have a plan yet.  At the MyCAA, you can also look for programs of study and participating colleges.

Links to more information include: Military One Source info page, MyCAA FAQ page, announcement page.

This has the potential to bring advanced training to lots of military spouse.  Without any firm details, it seems smart to go ahead and register today.

17 February 2010 Update:  This program has been temporarily halted.  You can find the most current MyCAA information at The Paycheck Chronicles MyCAA page.

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