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I often think that we military folks are pretty good at planning ahead.  Some of that is due to the nature of the job, and some of that is the nature of the military:  you have to decline SGLI coverage if you don't want it, and your command is probably always reminding people to have up-to-date wills.  However, there are a multitude of details that even prepared people often miss.  Fortunately, Pete at Bible Money Mattersis putting together a series, In Case of Emergency, that talks about these details.  Yesterday's installment discussed the physical storage of documents and data, and today's article talks about how to organize all those account numbers, telephone numbers, and other information.  I'm really looking forward to reading the rest of this series because the first two segments have been so good.

One smart thing that I did several years ago (and have failed to update ever since) was to make an account list (like in Pete's post) and send copies to each set of parents.  That way, there would be somewhere to get important information if something happened to our home, or if something happened to us!  With today's technology, you could burn it to a disk or send it in a spreadsheet.

I encourage you to make a comprehensive list of all your important account inforrmation and take whatever steps are necessary to make sure that information can be accessed if there is a death or disaster.  Preparation will save a lot of stress, either for yourself or for your loved ones.

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