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Keep Your Spouse Informed With a Monthly Update


Chances are, there is one person in your family who handles most of the day-to-day money issues.  And chances are, if you are reading this, that you are the money person.  There are lots of reasons why one person handles the money in most families:  it is easier that way, one person may be more interested or have more of a natural aptitude for it, one spouse may be deployed - the list could go on for quite a while.

That's the reason I love this concept from Fiscal FizzleUsing a Monthly Report to Discuss Money With Your Spouse.  In this article, Wojciech talks about the benefits and the stuff that he recommends be included.  I think this is a great idea.  Sometimes when you are the money person, it can feel like the other spouse doesn't know what is going on or isn't on board with your current situation.  A monthly report creates a record of your financial progress and presents the opportunity to talk about goals, dreams and changes that need to be made.

Writing up a monthly report is one of my goals for this week.  Anyone care to join me?

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