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Deployment & Money


Deployment brings its own set of financial issues.  There are benefits to deployment:  special allowances, possible tax-free status, and fewer bills at home.   However, it is also a slightly dangerous time because it is so much easier to treat yourself  (this is true for the deploying military member but also for a spouse at home.)  Snazzy gear, port calls, R&R, babysitting, and other expenses can really add up.

Way back in December, Jeff Rose of Good Financial Cents wrote this excellent article as a guest post at the Military Finance Network.  In Managing Money While Deployed, Jeff writes about his family's experience with financial issues during a deployment.   He talks about the good and bad side of deployment finances and lists the reasons why he feels that his deployment was a financial success.  I've been working on a similar post for quite some time, but so far Jeff's is better than anything that I've written.

If you are deployed or preparing to deploy, make plans to maximize the financial value of your time away from home.  A little planning will pay off with real, large, long-term benefits.

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