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I no longer receive stacks of credit card offers each week because I've opted out of pre-approved offers.  I'm down to three companies that I'm willing to work with in the world of credit:  NFCU, USAA, and Pentagon Federal Credit Union.  (I'm sure that there are other reputable banks and credit unions, but these three meet all my needs right now.)

If you are still receiving unwanted solicitations from companies, opting-out is easy!  Just call 1-888-5-OPTOUT (1-888-567-8688) and work through the telephone system to prevent the credit bureaus from providing your information to companies without your specific permission.

In addition to making your mailbox less full, this is a small step towards keeping your identity secure.  One way that identity thiefs can get your information is through the mail in your mailbox, or they can apply for cards in your name.

Take a few minutes today to opt-out of pre-approved credit offers.

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