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Well, it is music to my ears anytime The Paycheck Chronicles gets noticed elsewhere on the internet, and it has been a banner week.  So far, our articles have been included in four blog carnivals.

The Carnival of Everything Money, hosted by The Penny Daily, includes Store Brand Groceries.

The Carnival of Personal Finance, hosted by Four Pillars, selected my article on the economic stimulus package:  What's In It For Me?

The Festival of Frugality, hosted by MoneyNing, chose Understanding Your Social Security Statement.

The Carnival of Debt Reduction, hosted by M is for Money, picked No More ATM Fees.

Each of these carnivals has numerous excellent, informative articles.  It would take a week to read all of them!  Here are my favorites so far:

Single Guy Money has a friend who says:  "I Don't Make Enough to Save Money."  That might sort of seem like a reasonable statement, until you read the whole story.

Save Few Bucks explains 10 Tips to Reduce Car Expenses.  For many of us, our car expenses are the largest part of our budget.  Maybe one (or more) of these tips will help!

True Adventures in Money Hacking explains how the Save Big-Shopping Secret:  how to combine store promotions with manufacturer's coupons and sale prices to slash your grocery bills.

Not listed in any of these blog carnivals is my favorite article this week:  10 Reasons Why Budgets Fail by Fiscal Fizzle (that name just cracks me up!).  This article is so accurate, and I've fallen into several of these categories at different points in my life.  Right now, my excuse is:  my budget takes too much time.

Hope you enjoy!

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