Paycheck Chronicles

Looking for a Financial Education?


Learning about money has been one of the most important parts of my life.  I didn't really learn much about money when I was growing up, and my high school economics class didn't teach me anything that I needed to know in my personal life.  (But I can tell you who created the theory of conspicuous consumption.  Useful, huh?)

One of the many nifty things about military service is that you often have access to seminars and classes on a variety of topics, some relating to your job and some relating to life.  Your command, your service's family assistance center, and your JAG office probably offers financial education training on base.  Classes may range from writing a budget to buying a house.  They may be available every week or only every few months, depending on the size of the base and the size of their program.  If you don't see a class that you want, ask around.  The personal finance specialists at your local family service center should be able to do a personal meeting with you.

If you aren't able to access any of these military-offered resources, you might want to check out Jeremy's list of 20 Free Online Finance Courses.  The classes listed at the Generation X Finance website include serious, college level economics and finance classes as well as more casual personal finance offerings.  I can just imagine it now, a group of you putting down the Wii and checking out MIT's Principles of Microeconomics.

They say knowledge is power, and I believe that is especially true when it comes to money.  The more you know, the better decisions you can make, and the better results you'll have.  Money should be a blessing in your life, not a curse.  Make it that way by filling your brain with useful information!

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