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Stimulus Scams


With all this talk of economic stimulus, and so much confusion about the huge and complicated bill, many people are wondering:  will there be a check again this year?   It's a reasonable question, but the answer is no.  There are no checks this year.  There are, however, plenty of scam artists who will try to take advantage of the confusion.

The Federal Trade Commission has recently issued a bulletin describing some of the frauds that have popped up so far.  There seem to be two basic forms:  asking for a fee to process your payment, or asking for personal information to access your accounts.  The conclusion of the bulletin says that there is no "payment" this year, don't share information with people who contact you, and don't pay any fees for benefits.  The same rules apply for offers that might refer to your military service.  If you have any questions that can't be resolved by a little research, check with your legal office.

Good advice at tax time all throughout the year.

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