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I'm very excited that this week finds The Paycheck Chronicles in TWO blog carnivals.  Hosted by Student Scrooge, the Festival of Frugality recommends Debt Protection Insurance.....Don't Do It.  The Carnival of Personal Finance at Broke Grad Student has featured Lessons from a Non-Paying Tenant.

Elsewhere in these two carnivals, I've found some other fantastic reads:

  1. Manshu Verma from One Mint writes about Altering Habits to Save Money in a guest post at Cash Money Life.  While all four of his points are good, I particularly agree with the first one:  Avoid Shopping Sites.  It is so easy to get sucked in a good deal on something that you might need, or free shipping, or whatever other amazing deal is being offered.  If you stay away from any online shopping sites, you can keep yourself from being tempted and keep your budget in check.

  2. Modern Gal wonders about Redefining Frugal:  Identifying Big Priorities.  I struggle with this - how many school supplies does a family need, even when they're practically free?  Are cheap canned goods a bargain if you have to give them away when you move?  Is the jumbo bag of chips a good value if you will eat the whole bag no matter what the size?

  3. As my husband and I discuss our next PCS, I was glad to find Moolanomy's Where to Sell Used Books and Textbooks.  While we're no longer over our weight allotment, our family still owns too much stuff, and we particularly love books.  While I don't really want to get rid of any books (ever), I'm sure that at least 10% of them could go without causing too much pain.  I've always used but it is nice to know that there are other options.

There are so many great reads in this week's blog carnivals that I've spent the better part of two days reading them.  I'm sure you'll find something of interest there, too.

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