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Security for Your Laptop


At the Finance Challenge Event that I attended on Wednesday, I picked up about 30 flyers and brochures with good information on a variety of topics.  I'll be sharing them throughout this week (and probably the next as well.)

Today's info comes from a Federal Trade Commission bookmark entitled Laptop Security Tips, How to Keep It from Getting Lost or Stolen.  Here's what they suggest:

  1. Treat your laptop like cash.
  2. Get it out of the car...don't ever leave your laptop behind.
  3. Keep it locked...use a security cable.
  4. Keep it off the floor...or at least between your feet.
  5. Keep passwords somewhere else...not near the laptop or case.
  6. Don't leave it "for just a sec"... no matter where you are.
  7. Pay attention in airports...especially at security.
  8. Use bells & whistles...if you've got an alarm, turn it on.

I don't currently have a laptop, but I'm planning to buy one.  I'm glad to know how to keep it safe.

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