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5 Affordable Moving Announcements


Moving gets expensive.  I don't think I need to explain that much.  You need to tell your family and friends your new address, but you don't need to spend a fortune to do it.

  1. Over at Northern Cheapskate, guest poster Susan writes about her experience making her own change of address cards (with a little help from Office Max).  I had no idea that it could be so easy!
  2. You can use a free month at Blue Mountain to send out eCards with your new address on it.  There are other companies that also offer free eCards for change of address.  Google "free change of address eCard" for a full list.
  3. Use VistaPrint to print affordable postcards or business sized cards with your new address.  That's what I did last time and they were cute, affordable, and fast!  I got a lot of compliments on my cards.  The only downside is that the minimum order was way more than I needed, and I've still got change of address cards from two years ago hanging around my desk.  (I should probably recycle those now.)
  4. Enlist your kids to create a sketch of your new place, then include it in a newsy Christmas-style letter.  This is especially good if you missed getting out cards last holiday season.
  5. Call people!  If you are in the US, and you unlimited long distance, take a half hour each day to call people and tell them your new address.  This has a multitude of benefits:  it's free, it gives you a chance to catch up with your friends, and you can tell them to write it down "right now!"
I'd love to hear if my readers have any other creative ideas.  I know that we can keep in touch without spending a lot.  So share, okay?
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