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Fresh Salad Every Day...Yum!


I love salad!  What I don't love is making salad every day.  I buy the ingredients, but then I don't make the salad.  As I've said before, dinner time is not the best time at my house.  That is exactly why I'm so glad to read Jeremy's article at Generation X Finance, How to Prepare a Salad to Last All Week for Just a Few Dollars.  I already have a salad spinner (check your base thrift store, I've seen them there a lot) and I can manage the rest of the directions without too much trouble.

Now for salad dressing.  It is easy enough to buy bottled dressing, and it isn't too expensive, but I prefer the fresh stuff.  Here's a link to my favorite ranch dressing recipe at  It has no preservatives and it is just as yummy with low-fat ingredients.  Add some blue cheese if you like that flavor.  Here are some other good dressing recipes to try:  a list at Cooks Recipes,'s Salad Dressing Recipes, and Salad Dressing Recipes.

With a couple of heads of lettuce and extra ingredients, you should easily be able to make a weeks worth of salads for only a couple of dollars.  Tasty and affordable - I love it!

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