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FREE Tax Filing at MilitaryOneSource


At last, the free tax stuff at MilitaryOneSource is available.  OneSource is offering free tax preparation software, free efiling, and telephone and email consultations about your specific situations.  These services are available to active duty, National Guard and reserve members and their families.

The tax preparation software is H&R Block's TaxCut Basic.  You must be a registered user of MilitaryOneSource and login to your account before you may click through to the H&R Block program.

MilitaryOneSource has compiled a comprehensive FAQ page that should answer any questions that you have about this program.

In addition, member S Kang pointed me to the IRS schedule for distributing direct deposit and paper check refunds.  I didn't even know that there was a schedule...I always figured that they did it on a first come, first serve basis.  Here's the link to the IRS website.  Thanks, S Kang!

I guess it is time to start working on these taxes, huh?

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