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Some of the best posts from around the internet this week:

Prime Time Money writes about getting Hard Core Frugal.  Enough stories about cutting back on expensive dinners out and having bargain vacations - here are the places to look when you really have to cut back.  Plus there's a hilarious link to a SNL skit about spending.

My kids and I were just talking about how there's a day/week/month for everything.  Well, I had never heard of National Thrift Week until now.  Single Guy Money has an excellent history and future of Bring Back Thrift Week.  With American's new focus on spending less, this seems like it would be a very popular idea.

Over at Lifehacker, a post that strikes a real chord with me:  What's Your Sweet Spot Between Money Saving and Time Wasting?  I struggle with this issue daily.  I see from the comments that I'm not alone, and the commenters bring up even more factors to consider.  Very interesting stuff.

My Two Dollars publishes the M-Network's answer to a reader's question:  Should We Buy A New Or Used Car In This Economy?  With the enticing offers that car manufacturers are coming up with, this is a timely question and the variety of answers really helps to look at all sides of the issue.

The Razor's Edge:  Lessons in True Wealth is a thought-provoking article by JD at Get Rich Slowly.  Talking about his friend, Sparky, JD considers the lessons he has learned from Sparky's lifestyle.  As I look around my house overflowing with stuff, I wonder what opportunities I'm missing because of the choices I make.

Check out these great articles and enjoy the holiday tomorrow!

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