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Operation Purple Family Retreats


The National Military Family Association (NMFA) is piloting a new program this year.  An offshoot of their popular Operation Purple Camps, Operation Purple Family Retreats are designed for families whose service member has returned from deployment within the last twelve months.  From the website: 

It is difficult on the entire family when a loved one is deployed, butthe time after that father, mother, husband, or wife returns  home isoften the most challenging of all. Recognizing this, the NationalMilitary Family Association is piloting two Operation Purple®Family Retreats. These free, four-day retreats are set in a NationalPark using nature's classroom, where families will have opportunitiesto strengthen and renew relationships, explore their naturalsurroundings, and participate in fun family-focused activities.

If you have a recently returned family member, and you live anywhere near these locations (one is in California and one is in Washington State), you might want to see if these would work for your family.  What a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a little affordable R&R and get some quality family time.  Thanks, NMFA!

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