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Do You Have a Debt Problem? A Quiz


Question_markMilitaryOneSource offers a variety of self-assessments, including Do You Have Debt Problems?  The assessment has 15 questions and is estimated to take 5 minutes, though I think it may have taken me less than one minute.  It isn't particularly elaborate, but it is interesting and definitely worth a few minutes of your time. 

I do have some questions about the results.  I only answered one question in a way that could be construed as negative, and the quiz told me "Your score indicates that you may benefit from learning more about managing your budget and dealing with debt."  Seriously?  Because I once consolidated all my bills onto a home equity loan (when we were doing work on the house)? 

I don't know what type of answers the quiz will give people who answer differently, but there is certainly value in the questions themselves.  If you answer them honestly, you will problem know instinctively whether your answers are indicative of a problem or not.  If you disagree with the quiz' assessment of your situation, then use your own smarts to see if the answers indicate a problem or not.  As with any tool, it's accuracy is dependent on individual situations.

Despite my questions about the scoring, I still think it is worth your time.

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