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No Credit Needed: 20 Things That Rock About Being Debt Free


Over at No Credit Needed, another fantastic post:  20 Things That Rock About Being Debt Free.  I have to say, NCN does good work at his site.  In addition to the great articles at his blog, NCN offers two other tools:  a FREE debt reduction eBook and, on the NCN Network, a way to join his network.

The eBook, which you can read on your computer or print out, is only 8 pages long but includes 5 sections:  Getting Started, Moving Beyond the Basics, Preparing for Freedom, Staying the Course, and Planning for the future.  It is written in simple language and provides a step-by-step overview of the debt elimination process.

NCN has also created network of like-minded individuals.  In the network, you can create an online goal chart.  If you require visible and public motivation, this might be the tool for you.  You can choose from the debt reduction chart, a savings chart, or both.  I'm thinking about setting up my own charts - I wonder if I would be more motivated if I knew that you all were watching me?

Let's get 2009 off to a strong start and pay off those debts!  Who's in?

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