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2009 BAH Rates are Out!


Amongst the hustle of the holiday season, I always keep an ear (and eye) out for the new BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing) rates.  You can find your 2008 BAH rate at this webpage.  According to the Department of Defense, housing allowances are increasing an average of 6.9% for 2009, which will result in an average increase of $95 for each of the approximately 950,000 service members who draw BAH each year.  However, based upon geographic differences, some service members will not receive an increase, and rates will go down for certain area.  Thanks to the individual rate protection law, no service member will see a decrease in their actual paid BAH rate as long as they remain in the same posting.  Service members who change duty stations after January 1st will receive the new rate.

Here's the Armed Forces Press Service news release if you would like to read it!


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