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Would you like a little in-person financial education?  Do you have specific questions and wonder who to ask?  Well, the Department of Defense has something just for you!  In conjunction with installation commanders, the DOD has begun offering Financial Readiness Challenge Events at locations across the country.  Available to military members and their families, these events will provide both workshops and individual financial counseling.

From the DefenseLink news article:

"Hands-on workshop sessions will provideinformation on debt elimination, investing, car- and home-buyingstrategies, the Thrift Savings Plan and retirement planning, building abetter budget and spending plan, paying for college, identity theft,credit reports, and what to do in today's economy, officials said."

At some locations, special children's programs and child care may be available with pre-registration.

This is the current schedule:

TODAY:  Lackland Air Force Base

January 7th:  Beale Air Force Base (child care available)

January 24th:  Fort Belvoir, Virginia

February 23rd:  Naval Base Kitsap, Washington

February 25th:  Norfolk, Virginia

March 7th:  Fort Polk, Louisiana

I'm sure that more are being planned, but I couldn't find any exact dates for other locations yet.

Registration is available through MilitaryHomefront.The site also includes flyers, agendas, and other information as itbecomes available.  What a great program!  I can't wait to attend -I'll be sure to tell you all about it.

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