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Grocery Points for Gas Really Work!


Pumping_gasWe don't live on post, and the closest commissary is 15-20 minutes away, so we sometimes choose to go to the local civilian grocery store.  It is a block from my house, it has a fantastic selection of everything, and the organic milk we buy is even cheaper than the commissary.  We have the little club card thingie, which is necessary to get the good price on milk, and I've always noticed that I am accumulating "gas points" at the bottom of my receipt.  I never knew what "gas points" were (and I still don't.)  Our local store doesn't have a gas station, but apparently you can get a discount on gas at stores that have gas stations, based upon your spending.

Today, I was across town doing some errands when my fuel light came on.  The first gas station I saw was run by the grocery store, so I stopped in.  The price for gas was posted at $1.76, which is pretty good around here.  At the pump, I was prompted to swipe my club card before I began my transaction.  Imagine my delight when the price fell to $1.56 a gallon!  I was quite low and put in almost 20 gallons, so I saved nearly four dollars.  And it was so easy!

You can bet I'll be figuring out this gas points promotion.  I encourage you to check out those odd promotions that you don't understand - maybe you'll find a great deal like this, or another bonus that will help you save a few dollars.

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