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Consignment Bargains Galore


I had the most successful shopping trip today!  I am blessed with a really nice consignment store about 10 minutes from my house.  I haven't been in lately because I'm trying to keep my spending down, but I have been needing a nice pair of black pants.  I received an email about a sale today, so I stopped by and I found some fantastic bargains.  In addition to two pairs of lined pants that fit me beautifully, I also got a smashing ball gown for $4 (can we please have a ball soon?), a two piece skirt and top set for $4, and a pretty sweater for another $4.  Add a pair of brand-new kids shoes and my total for the whole shebang was less than $50!  I don't usually like to spend so much on clothes at one time but I still feel like I did well.  The pants will be well worn this winter and the weight will work for all but the hottest days of summer.  The two piece outfit will look great with some other things in my closet as well.  I think I've added about 20 outfits to my closet!  I had a credit from some items I'd consigned before, so I didn't even have to spend $50 in cash.

If you have a consignment or thrift store nearby, you should check it out.  I can't always guarantee that you'll have the success I had today, but I do think you'll probably find some good values.

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