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Wow! A Grocery Challenge I Could NEVER Do!


Today, I stumbled across this very interesting article at MSN's Money Central, asking the question, "Can a family eat on $100 a week?"  I encourage you to click over and check it is fascinating.  This family didn't have the benefit of the commissary, coupons, or other sources of bargains (such as a farmer's market or warehouse grocery stores like Aldi.)  So, I guess that in theory, she could  have saved even more.

I've read comments about this article that think that her costs are high, and other comments that say that her costs are low.  I know that I found this article a lot more helpful than another I saw last week, one that told me how to make dinner for less than $25.  Seriously.  That's not very helpful if you're on a budget.

Food is typically in the top three expenses for an individual, or a family.  It's second for my family, and it is always a place where I know I could cut costs.  These suggestions might help make it happen.

Regardless of your current grocery budget, there is probably some room for improvement.  This article is a good read for inspiring you to cut those food costs!

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